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Concrete Washing Sealing Michigan

Since 1990, we have specialized in concrete & exposed aggregate washing & sealing. We restore porches, steps, walkways, driveways, patio's &
pool decks in Michigan. We can transform
your concrete & exposed aggregate to a
like new condition.

We are experts in Concrete Washing
& Sealing in Michigan

Concrete Washing Sealing Michigan

Concrete is a popular alternative to brick pavers in Michigan, however it requires periodic maintenance to keep it looking great.
Your concrete porch, patio, walkway, pool deck & driveway in Michiganare constantly subjected to environmental stains such as dirt, leaves, salt, fertilizer, mildew, moss, mold & chlorine. In a short period of time these stains become attached to the surface creating an unsightly look.

Although concrete is very dense & durable, un-sealed concrete quickly absorbs water & contaminates. The worst damage occurs during freeze-thaw cycles during Michigan’s winter season. Freezing water absorbs into the concrete causing cracks& movement. De-icing salts will cause concrete to crumble apart quickly.

Cleaning & sealing all exterior concrete surfaces will remove stains &stop the damaging effects of the elements. Application of cleaning agents & pressure washing will remove all types of stains & residue.
Sealing concrete will protect it from color fading caused by the sun’s UV rays while enhancing the natural color. No matter what look you are trying to achieve, we have the right sealer for your concrete. You may prefer a color enhancing clear acrylic sealer, which creates a glossy look or a matte look sealer that has no gloss or shine.

There are many factors that will affect the final outcome of the project. Since concrete is very expensive, it makes most sense to have a professional in Michigan clean & seal your concrete rather than the installer who may not utilize the proper cleaning techniques & sealants. You want to make sure the company you hire to do the maintenance of your concrete has the right expertise & equipment.

We have cleaning & sealed thousands of concrete installations in Michigan since 1990. We are focused on quality work & attention to detail. We have offer customers exceptional service & quality products.

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